Top 10 Strangest Things Captured From The Sky

Ever since it became possible to photograph Earth from above, we’ve been able to capture strange images. Here are ten of the strangest things captured from the sky.
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Strangest Things Captured Fromthe Sky! ‘UFO’ spotted by US military - There are countless claims of UFO sightings every year, and most of them can be easily debunked. Utah’s desert ponds - Deep in the Utah desert among the wide expanse of red rock lie a series of mysterious electric blue pools. A fiery smile - The very thought of a volcanic eruption is enough to fill you with fear, and anyone who’s seen a 90s natural disaster movie will know just how much death and destruction a volcano can cause. Morning glory - No, not that morning glory – get your minds out of the gutter! Sinister clouds on a clear day - Speaking of strange clouds, what on earth are these mysterious formations?

Mystery lights on the horizon - Is this footage proof of alien life? Reddit users certainly thought so when this mysterious clip showing three glowing objects emerged. A dark shadow - It’s not always so easy to debunk strange sightings by airplane passengers, as this next clip proves. Croatia’s sea circles - In 2014 aerial footage captured a strange phenomenon close to Croatia’s Dugi Otok island. 28 perfectly round shapes were discovered: each one is precisely 50 meters in length, with 300 meters between each one, and nobody really knows how they got there. Crop circles - More mysteries from the deep blue sea now, but this time I’m taking you to the southern coast of Italy. Proof of aliens? When you fly with a budget airline, anything can happen, but this experience really takes the biscuit.