Night Time in Istanbul, Turkey

Night Time in Istanbul, Istanbul Nightlife, Best Things To Do In Istanbul At Night
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1. Bosphorus Cruise with dinner

While in Istanbul, why not make the most of the evening with a lively 4 hour dinner cruise experience on the Bosporus Strait. Have fun and admire magnificent views of Istanbul’s beautifully illuminated bridges, palaces and mosques. Besides that, tourists will get to enjoy a 3 course dinner set with various drinks. Apart from that, glittering entertainment from local artists, belly dancers and a whirling dervish show is included.

2. Turkish night

Immerse in an evening of traditional music and dancing over dinner. During a typical night in Istanbul, you will see brightly lit mosques but this experience is so much different, as you can watch and take pictures of a rhythmic lively dance while savoring Turkish fare. And there’s more; as you get to drink great wine and enjoy a four course dinner.

Relax on your chair for an alluring and exciting show. Get ready to watch a traditional Anatolian folk group play festive music and glimmering belly dancers perform. Do not forget to record a video or snap pictures of the performances as they are uniquely Turkish and fond memories to look back on.

3. Shopping at Grand Bazaar

Istanbul is home to one of the world’s largest and oldest covered markets, the Grand Bazaar, locally known as Kapali Carsi. This attraction is popular among visitors and locals as there are over 4,000 shops and nearly 11 gates, with 60 streets within the markets. Grand Bazaar stretches between the mosques of Nurosmaniye and Beyazi in the district and is located inside the old walled city. While you are here, always take note of your surroundings and if you go with a group, it’s better to stay together while shopping around the bazaar. It is a very crowded place and it is easy to get lost in its streets.

Plan your time wisely if you plan to shop. Enjoy the lively bazaar as you stroll through the overwhelming impressions of smells and colors, take eye catching photographs, as well as buy all the souvenirs for which Istanbul is famous for. The Grand Bazaar is home to a wide range of items produced by skilled artists. The Grand Bazaar displays authentic Turkish goods like pottery, spices, brassware, colored glass lamps and lights, textiles, jewelry and carpet. Apart from that, the labyrinth complex is a pleasure to explore, because there is so much to see even if one is just window shopping. After shopping you can get a bite or a drink at Sark Café, which is located within the bazaar.

4. Watch the Dancing Fountain at Sultanahmet

When the sun finally dips behind the minaret skyline and the moon starts to rise, Sultanahmet Park, located between Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, brightens up with a colorful lightning display. When you come during the summer season, you can enjoy the shows by savoring a creamy ice cream (dondurma) by the illuminated fountain in the park. The mix of modern and ancient east and west, the friendliness of the people, and the history add to the vibrant atmosphere of the night scene at this place.

The views of Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, the well-kept garden (floral beds and palm trees), the magical ambience and the dancing fountains with the change of colors at night look particularly fantastic in the evening when all are lit up. The architecture is so impressive and can really captivate your soul. This attraction is modern yet it looks ancient. This rich contrast is just one of the many things that make Istanbul such a fascinating place to visit.

5. Cagaloglu Hamami turkish bath (Starting from 115 USD)

A visit to Turkey will never be complete without experiencing the Turkish bath known as hamam. The Turkish bath offers visitors a revelatory experience. The process includes a period of preparing the skin for bathing in a sauna like room, followed by a full body wash. Head straight to the beautiful Cagaloglu Hamami with its steam rooms and lavishly arched and domed with a decoration of tulip tiles, which date back to the Ottoman times. Besides, you can learn about the ancient tradition of hamam while in here.

During the 2 to 4 hours you will deep cleanse your mind and body. Once you are there, leave your coyness at the door and follow the locals into the bath house. You can either change into your swimming shorts or bikinis. Alternatively you can strip off completely just like the locals. Once you are ready, relax on a marble slab in a steamy bath chamber. One of the attendants will then exfoliate your body by scrubbing with hot soapy water and mitten after around 45 minutes of sweating and relaxing in the steam bath chamber. Then you will head to one of the cooler rooms to relax after you have rinsed the soapy suds off your body with hot water. After the refreshing Turkish bath, you will be transported back to your hotel.