Can You Pull An Engine In 10 Seconds With A Tow Strap?

What Happens When You Tie A Tow Strap To A 60 MPH Jeep?
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What happens when you tie a tow strap to a tree on one end, and to a Jeep traveling at 60 mph on the other end? Well we're not quite sure, which is why, for science, we're going to find out. It's a situation you find yourself often in. You're driving home from work, and you see something in the road. Suddenly, a 300 foot tow-strap capable withstanding a 155,000 lb force is wrapped around your engine and you're wondering what happens next.

To get to this point, a little bit of math can help. This video focuses on two questions: 1) How long does the tow strap need to be? 2) How strong does the tow strap need to be? Length and strength, long and strong. What's my prediction and what ends up happening? We send it over to BleepinJeep to find out!

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