Durians the King of Fruits in The World | Natural Fruits from Cambodia in Southeast Asia

I had tried many different kinds of durians in Cambodia. Durians are growing in various places through out Cambodia but i have tried durians from Koh Kong, Kampot, Kampong Cham province. The best durian is Monthong from Chamkar Leu district in Kampong Cham, and Monthong durians from Sre Ambil district in Koh Kong province. The best durians from Kampot province are Monthong and Ov Krak durians. Monthong durians are a little bigger than Ov Krak durians and both durians having different tastes but they're all sweet and yum yum. You can try durians from April to July, but sometimes some early durians are on March and late durians until August. Currently, we can find durians at fruit stores in Phnom Penh city and other provinces whch I'm not sure, if those are natural durians? I really like durians as we eat alot during its season in Cambodia.

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